Who are we?

Buzzy Golf is Boston based golf headcover, accessory and apparel brand that aims to provide bold designs to the everyday golfer. As consumers of great deals on golf accessories we felt that good quality headcovers, and we mean real good quality, were hard to come by and those companies that do offer top notch headcovers with durable and high quality materials, are quite expensive. 

We want to create and provide golfers with high quality headcovers that won’t break the bank and will stand out on the course and have others asking about where you got it. 

Where did the name come from? I named Buzzy Golf as a way to remember my father Bernie, or as he was known growing up "Buzzy" who lost his battle with cancer in 2012. Buzzy Golf's name is there to remember him and have his name live on.

We also exist to provide free shipping. Is this a bad business plan? Tune in to find out.